I did the voting thing. Votings kind of strange experiance. You stand in line so they can confirm you’re, you. Meanwhile, people around you want to make small talk and comment about how many people are there, how it’s a good thing and how they don’t like absentee ballots because “I want to come and do it myself”. They say things like “well I care about accuracy” like it’s the most novel concept anyone has ever said and like they’re the only one who cares. Did you care about accuracy when the Russians rigged our presidential election? Yeah, that happened.

I’m sort of jaded with the political system in the US. I’m real tired of the 2 party system and trying to narrow down a pretty complex country into A or B. The world isn’t that simple and many of the issues this country has, aren’t that simple either.

I don’t know if it really matters if I vote or not. At the very least, it keeps the lizard people from faking elections… I guess they can still rig them though or call the Russians because no one’s going to care anyway. Not enough to do anything because then you’re part of group A and I’m group B and the media tells me I should hate you so we can hate each other instead of asking the lizard people what the actual fuck is going on? 

I don’t think it matters which group you belong too anymore. Like they’re all friends, and have slumber parties, and do each other’s nails (…probably). Politics is a game and it’s never straightforward. You can be in either group but they’re both going to play chess with us to increase their own power or satisfy their own dreams.

It seems to me like I’m regularly stuck in groundhog day where every day is the same and we are still talking about the same things we where talking about 10 years ago and it’s like seriously, can we move on? For example, I pass a billboard on my way to work that’s an anti-abortion advertisement. Why is this still a conversation!? The Federal Government legalized this in 1973. That was 45 years ago!

I suppose that how human’s are. We just like to keep walking around in a circle even though someone was like “you know we can walk over there, right?” Nah man, circles are it. We gotta keep looking at the same things and keep talking about the same things and never really get anywhere.

I think people should vote though. It took a half hour out of my day but now it’s over and I can blast my social media with a selfie and my “I voted” sticker to let everyone know I voted (I’m not going to do that). Maybe it doesn’t matter and maybe the system is broken but we can’t just let the lizard people have it all.

Well, those are my thoughts for today. Until tomorrow, friends!


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