A poem for my period.

I woke up to a tiny monster, clawing its way
from the insides of my uterus
desperate to see the sunlight.

It stained my sheets
while it robbed me of sleep
to give me the consolation prize
of not being pregnant
for 16 consecutive years.

This is bullshit.
I don’t want to get up.
But Niagara Falls is day one
and its a matter of time
before this room looks
like a murder scene.

Try as I might
to ignore this gnawing feeling
from the inside of my abdomen,
I know it’s time.

I have to get up
and deal
with the tiny monster.


someone’s in the bathroom
and they’re taking a shower…

Guess I’ll just lay back down,
watch videos of aliens
and die now.

This is a shit consolation prize.

These are the thoughts I have today. Until tomorrow friends!


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